Asif Habib

Current President

I am privileged to serve as the second President of our chapter, starting in 2024, and to steer us toward empowerment and collaboration within our professional and student communities in Austin, Texas. Our mission is to foster growth and create opportunities, guided by the vision & mission.

  1. Bridging the academia-industry gap by aligning local University students and faculty with OPEN Austin, fostering mutual growth.
  2. Offering equal opportunities to the wider community, enhancing the global image of Pakistanis through professional and entrepreneurial contributions.
  3. Leading in innovation and networking, OPEN Austin aims to be the central hub for professionals, students, and entrepreneurs, deepening connections within our community to maximize collective business, career, and personal growth, leveraging our rich heritage and opportunities.
  4. Transitioning from good to great, we face the challenge to build a robust organization with diverse volunteer teams since our inception in late 2021, aiming for growth and enhanced community impact.
  5. Supporting our community's advancement through workshops, mentorship, and networking events, emphasizing the importance of your participation for our shared success.

I encourage each of you to actively contribute to realizing these visions. Your engagement and ideas are vital to our journey towards creating a dynamic and impactful organization.

A heartfelt thank you to our volunteers and sponsors for your unwavering support. Together, let's embark on this transformative journey.

- Asif Habib, President, OPEN Austin

Former Presidents

Tauseef Rab

President 2021-2023

Welcome to OPEN Austin. I am Tauseef Rab, and I am honored to be the first president of this organization. Our chapter got inducted in to the OPEN Global family in July 2021. Our goal is to connect as many professionals, entrepreneurs, rising stars, students and individuals to collectively achieve the best versions of our businesses, careers and overall potential.

At the heart of OPEN Austin are Austinites who care deeply for Pakistan and would like to tap in to the massive opportunities that it offers. OPEN Austin offers workshops, mentorships, and several networking events throughout the year. We look forward to an amazing journey with y'all.